About Panacea Sciences

Menopause Hormone Balancing

Who we are, what we do, and why we do it. 

Who We Are

Panacea Sciences a female health sciences company established in 2014 by Clinical Hormone Coach and Educator Marie Hoäg, MBA with a driven sole focus on the research, education, and training on estrogen, estrogen deficiency diseases, advanced female hormone replacement therapies, and optimal hormone balancing for women and men.

Menopause Hormone Balancing
Hormone Coach Training

We Believe

Female Hormone Training

We believe women from pre-puberty to the grave spend their lives in various states of estrogen deficiency unnecessarily.

We believe that 95% of the conditions women go to the doctor for are directly related to estrogen deficiency. 

We believe women are experiencing menstrual dysfunction and going into perimenopause and menopause at younger ages than any generation that proceeded us.

We also believe this will continue to get worse as each generation passes unless something is done about it.

We believe women have more control over the health and lifespan of their menstrual cycle than once thought.

We believe all doctors should have training on how to restore and maintain a healthy menstrual cycle in their female patients by way of adequate dosed hormone replacement therapies.

We believe women have the right to properly trained hormone prescribing doctors.

Hormone Therapy Training
Hormone Therapy Training

What We Do

Nobody takes optimal hormone balancing as seriously as we do. Our mission is three-fold:

Menopause Hormone Balancing


In our foundation, we research...

Estrogen, estrogen deficiency diseases, ovarian dysfunction, menstrual cycle preservation, perimenopause prevention, menopause prevention, and female hormone restoration therapies,

Testosterone, testosterone deficiency diseases, periandropause and andropause prevention and reversal, and optimal male hormone restoration therapies

so we can bring you the most state-of-the-art, clinically effective, and sustainable hormone-balancing options for prescribers and patients.

We found there is a place of optimal hormonal balance where men and women do and feel their best. We call this the Hormone Sweet Spot

Perimenopause Hormone Balancing


We believe that clinically effective and sustainable hormone optimization starts with properly trained clinicians. We also believe that everyone on the hormone-balancing team should be trained on the same things with the same end goal in mind for the patient, the Hormone Sweet Spot.

We offer clinical application training and practical hand-holding for prescribing practitioners and clinical hormone coach training for health coaches and healthcare practitioners.

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We believe that both men and women struggle to find practitioners who know what they are doing when it comes to hormone balancing.

We specialize in advanced male and female hormone optimization. This means that we focus on obtaining optimal blood serum levels of the most important hormones in your body. We call this place of optimal hormonal balance The Hormone Sweet Spot.

Hormone Coach Training
Hormone Coach Training

Why We Do It

It does not take long to see the impact proper hormone balancing does to a man or a woman of any age.

Women are shushed and sent out the door with prescriptions to manage the mental, emotional, behavioral and physical side effects of hypoestrogenism that otherwise would not exist if estrogen, and other pertinent hormones, were appropriately restored and maintained at reproductive levels. 

We do what we do to help doctors and other healthcare practitioners do what they need to do to help men and women gain control over their minds and bodies.

We believe every man and woman has a Hormone Sweet Spot where they do their best and feel their best. This is the greatest gift a man or a woman can give themselves and their loved ones.

Hormone Coach Training
Hormone Coach Training